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Shangers Hangers

Ni hao!!!  🙂

So for the past 10 months Ive been living in Shanghai.

My husbands job is introducing me to a world, or to a life rather that i never expected… and for a gal like me where home is really where the heart is, its been hard work getting used to it.

Time has been kind and now, now i want to take in as much as I can…

Here’s a peek 😉



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All things Pearly

I love Pearls! I mean I love diamonds and all things shiny, but theres something about pearls that are just gloriously gorgeous – on everyone. Since moving to Shanghai Ive been lucky enough to really focus on my pearl collection, as well as learn a thing or two about pearls.

Fresh water pearls are in abundunce here in Shanghai. Ive snapped up some amazing necklaces, earrings, cufflinks for the hub, bracelets.. as well as make my own little designs. Fresh water pearls are beautiful as well, they have great lustre and the earrings are pretty much a staple piece of my everyday jewellery now…. elegant and pretty!

Here is a little peek at some of the things Ive managed to collect so far:

all things pearly

my pearly bits

I love that some of the long necklaces I have created have a little vintage feel to them as well….

Now to share the pearl magic, I have decided to have a bit of a lucky draw and offer one lucky reader a chance to win some fabulous pearl earrings (this is also as a thanks to all who visit my blog) 🙂 !

They will be made with sterling silver posts as well so even the sensitive ears will be happy to show these off!


All you need to do is leave a comment for me under this post,  and on Friday, the 20th of november, i will pop all names in a hat and the first name drawn out gets to don a pair of these as well 🙂

Otherwise, please feel free to order a pair from:

http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=34400549 !!

Its a small little shopping place at the moment…

If you have any intrest in any of the other necklaces or bits please let me know as I can have anything created here in the land of Shanghai!! Yay!!!

Happy commenting 🙂

x x

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Tic Toc, Tic….

Ok…. this Etsy phenomena is doing bad things to my discipline levels. Especially when i see something pretty, dainty or just dam right different!!

So i did a little splurge thing a few nights ago and now find myself paying far too much attention to my (still) empty letterbox!! Wanna see what i got???

baby lone hopper

Owl Necklace

Skull Necklace

I really cant wait actually, & the little skull necklace has diamond eyes!! Pretty spesh I think 😉

What are your favourite etsy stores – wish to share with me???


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I heart Chloe

OK – so, whats a girl to do with all these gorgeous things in the world! Ive already confessed to having a weakness for shoes, so when I first saw this:



I was undone!! – & so, who can blame me when the only solution was:

003Chloe Boots

J Brand 10′ skinny jeans

Tailor made cashmere coat

I love these boots, and even though their quite high, they are very comfortable!! Im completely addicted to the ‘fierce wedge boot’ this season. Actually, to be completely honest Im addicted to all shoes Chloe these days…

who else has a weakness for all shoes Chloe?? I hope im not alone in this…

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A wave & a curtsy

2nd November 2009

Ive been umm-ing and ahh-ing about starting up a blog for quite some time now. And so, here I finally am, out of my hiding spot and into a world where I can share so much with those who may be curious.

I love curiosity. It can start some truly memorable journeys… uncover secrets, and a whole new vision.

A little bit about me. I am in my early thirties now. Totally scary stuff as Im your typical young at heart kind a gal 😉

I love my husband, my family, and my cat.

I love fashion, and clothes are as artistic as I get.

However shoes are my greater weakness!

Welcome to my blog – i so look  forward to sharing my journey with you.090123_1340_Flatten

One of my memorable moments this year was when i was asked to model for a glorious 5 star spa. Ive never done anything like it before, but the experience itself was a little bit of fun i must admit!

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